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Full Version: Test Free42 on M1-based Mac
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Is anyone ordering one of the new Macs with M1 ("Apple Silicon") CPU?
And if so, would you be willing to run a quick test to help me verify that the Intel Floating-Point Library in Free42 runs correctly on this new CPU?
I'll send a test build which would have to be run on the new machine and then one function ("FPTEST") executed. The whole process shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes.

Note: The objective of the test is to check the new Universal build of Free42 for Mac, which will contain both x86_64 and arm64 code. On my Macs, which are all Intel-based, I can build arm64 MacOS code, but I cannot test it.


I purchased an M1 for my birthday so I will be glad to test it. I love your free42 calculator. It is the only calculator that actually handles sort(-1) correctly!!!! I will heap in any way possible bye in order to have a "good" calculator for my new M1.
Awesome, thank you!

Could you download this zip file and unzip it, then run the app it contains; in the app, execute the FPTEST function (XEQ "FPTEST", or [Shift] [+] [Σ+] [▲] [Σ+]), then quit the app. A file named Free42-Log.txt should have appeared on your desktop; please send me that file by emailing it to thomasokken@gmail.com.
I just got confirmation that FPTEST returns the expected results on the M1. So no need for anyone else to run this test anymore.

(Specifically, the Intel library's test suite is spitting out some errors, all caused by a set of conversion functions that are not used by Free42, neither directly nor indirectly. Roughly the same set of functions is causing errors in the test suite in the other ARM builds as well, i.e. Android and iOS; the set of functions varies a bit between platforms, but none of them are used by Free42.)
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