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Full Version: HP Prime question (how to plot pairs of data)
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I am using the HP Prime (Lite) on my iPad as a way to check out the calculator before buying it.

I want to do a very simple operation which is to connect a bunch of dots.

These are defined as pairs, e.g. (0,0), (120, 200), (240, 400), (247, 410)

I do not want to do a "linear fit" or to do a scatter plot. I want a line that joins these dots.

Any help?


Have you tried the geometry app:


(11-02-2020 03:46 PM)roadrunner Wrote: [ -> ]Have you tried the geometry app:


You mean define the data pairs as points and then draw line segments to join them?

This is rather tedious esp. if you have lots of points.

Is there a faster way to do it?


Put data in Stat2Var app, in plot stup page 2 mark "connect" and it will just join your lines.
Works like a charm

thanks Tim

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