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Full Version: OMG cool retro term
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I was totally blown away yesterday when I finally got around to install cool-retro-term on my computer.

When I am using my fine flat screen panel to show the conversation with a retro computer system, something does not feel quite right, but cool-retro-term is there to correct it. I can have amber video, white noise, flicker, slowly sweeping distortions, a bulging screen and more, all fully configurable.

I can get the right feeling! OMG, I LOVE it!

That is very cool! I just installed it on my iMac that is right next to my HP-150.
Real Retro meets faux Retro!

Thanks for the tip!
On Macs (I don't use them, but always envied this program) Cathode has been around for years.
Very cool, thanks!

I almost want to smack the side of my iMac to make the glitchiness disappear. Love it.
Do either of them (CRT or Cathode) accurately emulate the smooth scroll of the VT100?
The emulators of https://fms.komkon.org/EmuWindows/ has something similar in its apps.


Enable "Video | Color Filter | Amber CRT" + "Video | Scanlines | Horizontal" + "Video | Apply CRT Vignette"
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