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Full Version: "New" 9810 ROM module 11250 Katakama?
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While scoping the Internet for something completely different came across an article by a Joseph B. Sidowski at the web site:


Please excuse the weird format. Substitute "." and "/" as indicated. Previous links I've posted always caused issues due to some auto editing function with posts. Subsequent thread posters, fortunately, fixed it for me as I didn't know how. Hopefully the posting software won't recognize the above as a link.

The article mentions a 9810A ROM cartridge 11250 on the bottom right of page 4 (numbered page 438). Allowing the 9810 to print Roman characters/numbers and Japanese in the Katakama alphabet. Never heard of it, so decided to mention it here. The vendor address is listed as HP so apparently it was an official product. The article was dated '73 in Behav. Res. Meth. & Instru. V5(5).
Ever swift, Duane Hess (me), seemed to post this in the wrong place. I assume it should be in the main forum.

If a moderator would correct or not as needed, thank you!
Try this.
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Thank you Paul!
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