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Full Version: .ROM and .mod
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Just got my DM41X serial 530 - what a beauty!
I wanted to load some modules from Monte’s collection for the 41CL but they seem to be different formats: .ROM vs .mod for the DM41X - is there a conversion step needed? And does Library4 work on the DM41X?
Library 4 works, but you do need all .mod files not .rom files from Monte.

Check the forums at swissmicros for info.
Thank you Gene - will check it out
You can grab the AM_HP_MOD zip archive from :
(10-12-2020 05:27 AM)bernouilli92 Wrote: [ -> ]You can grab the AM_HP_MOD zip archive from :

This collection of Angel's .mod files are the latest released version of all his current modules. They are not special 41X versions, they are the 'main' versions and can be used with any 41 emulator. They have been tested on a 41X and all are compatible. Smile
I recently received a DM41X from SwissMicros - it's a quality implementation. However, I cannot find where to get the .mod files for the ROM Modules - I understand that the DM41X is a strict emulation and so "any" 41 ROM modules should work.

Is there one location where I can access them all?

I see reference to "Angel's modules" but I haven't seen a link. Are these particular modules or the general ones that HP/others made for the 41?

Sorry if I have missed the blindingly obvious, but I cannot find them.

The 41X uses .mod files; .rom files are not supported.

20 of HP's most commonly used modules come pre-installed on the 41X FAT.

The collection of Angel's latest modules can be found on this page:


Many popular modules and some manuals can be found at http://www.ho41.org (substitute the first o with a p - the original name can't be used here).
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