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Full Version: Free42 pasted number bug
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Free42 (2.5.17) counted leading zeros as significant.
Leading zeroes should be use only to adjust exponent.

Clipboard "0.0000000000000000000000000000000012345" pasted to Free42Decimal, got back "1.E-33"

Above "only" lose significant digits, this is more serious:

Clipboard " 00000000000000000000000000000000012345" pasted to Free42Decimal, got back "1"

lua> exp(-9)

Above value in clipboard, pasting to Free42Binary, we got back "0.000123409804086"

Unfortunately, even if the value already in scientific notation, we still unable to paste it exactly (bitwise).
The only option is split the numbers in half, pasted them, then add.
(I tried hex-float, but Free42 does not support it)

Would be nice is Free42Binary allow reading of 17 digits (or more) ... Smile

17 Digits Gets You There, Once You’ve Found Your Way
Confirmed and noted!
I'll fix this in the next release.
I posted a test build for Windows containing the Paste fix here.

(This also contains a few other new features, including ANUM, X<>F, and Stack Trace mode, that will be in the next release.)
Hi, Thomas Okken

Thank you ! The bug is gone.

Too bad I can't upgrade this to my WinXP box, "is not a valid Win32 application"

BTW, what is ANUM, X<>F, and Stack Trace mode ...
(10-15-2020 11:28 AM)Albert Chan Wrote: [ -> ]BTW, what is ANUM, X<>F, and Stack Trace mode ...

ANUM and X<>F are functions borrowed from the HP-41 X-Func module or from the HP-41CX.

ANUM looks for a numerical value in the alpha register and X<>F swaps the binary representation of flags 0-7 with the X register.

See p.12 and p.15 of the HP 82180A Extended Functions/Memory module manual.
(10-15-2020 11:28 AM)Albert Chan Wrote: [ -> ]Too bad I can't upgrade this to my WinXP box, "is not a valid Win32 application"

Yep. I had to upgrade to a newer version of Visual Studio a while ago, and the latest one no longer supports Windows XP in its runtime library. Given that Microsoft ended XP support in 2014, that doesn't seem unreasonable. Sorry!

(10-15-2020 11:28 AM)Albert Chan Wrote: [ -> ][...] Stack Trace mode ...

Set flags 15 & 16 and you'll get a special TRACE mode, which, instead of printing X after every instruction, prints the entire stack. This generates crazy amounts of output but it has already helped me debug a stackrobatics-heavy program once.
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