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Full Version: (75C) Multiple Leg TMA
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An extract from A Multiple Leg TMA Procedure with Programs for … , Naval Postgraduate School, September 1983, 27 pgs.

This report contains user instructions and program listings for multiple leg Kalman Filter target motion analysis (TMA) procedure for use on the … Hewlett-Packard HP-75C

     This report contains a multiple leg target motion analysis (TMA) program for each of the following portable computers: … the Hewlett-Packard HP-75C
     These programs provide a means of implementing a TMA procedure that is described in Appendix I. The procedure requires at least four bearing observations. It is assumed that during an encounter, the target course and speed remain constant, and that signal transit times are zero.
     This algorithm is a Kalman Filter adaption of the least squares TMA algorithm given …


                         HP-41CV USER INSTRUCTIONS.
     There are four user options. These options - labeled 1, 2, 3, and 4 - are used to continue input, input a new leg, compute a fix, and to compute an AOP, respectively. Their use is shown below. (Memory: 2727 bytes for program; 820 bytes for variables. Total = 3547 bytes.).
                         [HP-75C SAMPLE PROBLEM

                         [HP-75C PROGRAM LISTING

pages 8-11

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