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Full Version: HP 82985A Video Interface Manual
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I'm looking for a copy of one or both of the manuals for the 82985A Video Interface for the HP Portable/Portable PLUS. One is HP 82985A Video
Interface Assembly-Level Service Manual
, P/N 82985-90003 and the other is HP82985A Video Interface Installation and Operating Instructions.

The latter can be found in the HPCC Library, but I don't have access.

Thanks, Dave
The following link leads to the 106-page manual "HP82985A Video Interface Installation and Operating Instructions". It is in four languages, English, French, Italian and German.


Especially interesting I find the jumper described in it to adjust the interface to the respective mains frequency. I think it's about the fact that old monitors derived their refresh rate from the mains frequency: For example in the USA 60 Hertz and in Europe 50 Hertz. If you use this interface in Europe with an old monitor and the picture flickers or is unstable, then changing this jumper should help.
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