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Full Version: (SR-52) Split Plot Analysis of Variance
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An excerpt from A Program for Split Plot Analysis of Variance Using Small, Programable Calculator, Insecticide and Acaricide Tests, Volume 3

     Many field experiments conducted by plant pathologists and entomologists can be analyzed in minutes without knowledge of the computations involved or the use of large scale computer-data processing facilities which are often inefficient of both time and cost for small statistical tests.  The Texas Instruments SR-52 hand held programable calculator provides an economical, rapid, and simple means for data analysis from field experiments.  A description of this calculator and a practical program for a two-way analysis of variance of a randomized complete block designed experiment was given in Insecticide and Acaricide Tests, 2:7-10.  The purpose of this article is to describe a program for the split plot analysis of variance in randomized complete blocks.

     The split plot program for the Texas Instruments SR-52 calculator is contained on three separate program cards.
Individual data are entered on Card I, subplot means obtained during Card I program operation are entered on Card II, and
machine calculations are completed on Card III, giving a direct display of appropriate F-tests and coefficients of variability.
  The program allows a maximum of six replications and an unlimited number of levels of whole plots (Factor A)
and subplots (Factor B).  The 'Users Directions', a sample analysis of variance table, formulas for calculations of
standard errors of the mean for use in the Least Significant Difference Tests, and program sequence are given below.


ps: 'clik' on the Adobe logo PDF for the file.
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