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Full Version: (25) Antenna Aiming
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An extract from Wireless World, March 1979, Vol 85, No 1519, pages 47 (89) & 48 (90-91), Antenna aiming calculations; Method using a pocket programmable calculator

TERRESTRIALLY BASED antennas may be aimed by reference to any of several co-ordinate systems, but … the only co-ordinate system that is of real use is that known as the horizon system, whose two coordinates are azimuth (a) and altitude (h).

  The purpose of this article is to describe a set of mathematical formulae with which it is possible to derive a and h, given the latitude (L) and longitude (λ) of stations A and B. The prevalence of excellent scientific calculators now makes their evaluation straightforward. Indeed, the advent of the pocket programmable machine has almost rendered this task trivial, and has permitted additional calculations to be made which formerly were best performed graphically or by means of approximations. An appendix includes a pair of programmes for the Hewlett-Packard HP-25. Owners of the HP-65 and other calculators may also find them useful as inspiration …

AppendiX A: HP-25 antenna aiming programmes




ps:happy anniversary HP-25, my first calculator.
Thank you for posting these. I have a "works in progress - that ports the PLAN13 satellite pointer to the HP41"

Your calculator software sleuthing is excellent.

Attach a PDF version of the program uploaded, with tables for INPUT and OUTPUT data for both programs, Azimuth and Altitude. Everything fine with the first, but I cant get results for the second.
I guess the programming is OK, the problem lies in the correct choice of data for the calculation. Somebody could help me with the Altitude program?
Replies to the primary article;
1) Wireless World, JUN 79, pg. 82
2) Wireless World, SEP 79, pg. 80

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