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Full Version: HexColor - Color converter
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HexColor is a small utility for converting between different color formats. It gets a color in either hexadecimal, RGB (0-255), HSB or the UIColor/NSColor style (0.0-1.0) and converts it to the other formats.

You can tweak the color using a Hue/Saturation/Brightness graphical interface with touch support ('PICKR' soft key). It also has several tools for getting the complementary color and darker or lighter shades of the original ('TOOLS' soft key).

Up to 5 different colors can be stored for later use. To save the current color as favorite, press the 'STO' soft key in the main menu, then select a slot.

The program has a HP-48 style menu and a dedicated Help section that can be accessed at any time via the 'HELP' keyboard key or the 'HELP' soft key.

HexColor 1.0

Valid Input formats:
You can enter a color in various ways:

Hex: RRGGBB, for example: 5F6A5C
RGB: R G B (enter the components separated by spaces), range (0-255) for example: 95 106 92
UIColor: Same as above, but the range is (0.0-1.0), for example: 0.373 0.416 0.361

You don't need to press ALPHA in order to enter A, B, C, D, E, F.

To enter and tweak the color in HSB, use the PICKR submenu.

The 'iOS' and 'HSL' soft keys in the main menu let you toggle between normal RGB and the UIColor/NSColor format and HSB/HSL formats.

For additional details, you can take a look at this article.


Main screen:

[Image: hexcolor1.png]

HSB Picker:

[Image: hexcolor2.png]

Help section:

[Image: hexcolor3.png]

Storing a favorite:

[Image: hexcolor4.png]
Excellent GUI
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