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Full Version: wp34s screen problem
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The wp34s screen is missing a few pixels. Who knows what's going on?
Made in China.
I don’t think it was the kind of answer the OP expected.

There should be a default in the LCD contacts, but I don’t know if anyone has already done such repair.
The instructions for opening the calculator might be found here: https://www.hpmuseum.org/forum/thread-989.html
First (obvious) suggestion is to use good quality name brand new batteries. Make 100% certain they are not counterfeit, which is not easily determined. Duracell is much more interested in protecting their brand than Energizer, who appear to be unconcerned that their brand is widely being used illegitimately whereas Duracell battery authenticity can be determined by the effort required to remove them from their packaging.

If new batteries don't immediately fix it, open the calculator and observe the LCD while pressing down on the circuit board, forcing it and the keyboard together. If that causes the LCD elements to appear correctly then you found the problem.

The board is held in place by plastic posts that are fastened... ultrasonically? I don't know, but if that fastening method breaks or becomes weak I don't know of a reliable way to fix it. I tried re-melting those posts with a soldering iron and it never worked out well. Perhaps someone else knows of a better technique.
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