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Full Version: How to read TI-59 cards without a TI-59?
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My TI-59 has died a few years ago, but I still have all of my cards. Does anyone have an idea on how these cards could be read? The goal would be to get a listing that can be run in an emulator.

One idea that I had was to use ferro fluid. It looks somewhat promising, but I am not sure if the resolution is good enough (see picture). Also, I have no idea how to decode the magnetic pattern into a listing.

Another idea I had was to duplicate the reading circuitry: I excavated the reading head from the TI-59 after it died, and tried to duplicate the electronics on a breadboard. Unfortunately, I never got anything useful out of the experiment.

So: Does anyone have a good idea what I could do?

Thanks! Martin


(08-02-2020 08:52 AM)Tinue Wrote: [ -> ]So: Does anyone have a good idea what I could do?

As stupid as it may sound, but how about getting another Ti-59? They are usually quite inexpensive (I think I have four now and never paid more than 10 Euros). Same with the PC-100 printer units.

The alternative would be to either send the cards to someone with an working Ti-59 and printer and get them printed or borrow the hardware and do it yourself. I could offer assitance in both cases.

Sooner or later you will end up anyway with a bunch of TI59, TI58c and so on. Inevitably. :-)

So why all the hassle with analyzing cards, breadboards to run a magnetic head (!!!), ... ? I am with Max. Get a clean TI59 with accessories for 30-40, fix the rubber wheel and you are in business again. Or even better, salvage the parts which died on your original machine and restore it.
It's a hobby, not a hassle, but I see what you mean ;-)

Over the last 1-2 years I have been checking on the major Swiss auction sites, but the TI-59 rarely comes up. Right now there is one for roughly EUR 110, and it is broken (Ricardo TI-59).

Apparently this is different in the EU countries... Maybe I should start looking in Germany as well; I have relatives that could take care of the deliverable.

Thank you both for the advice!

Regards, Martin
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