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Full Version: The Aesthetics of the HP42s Saturn Processor
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Hi all,

a while ago I had to resolder the RAM-chip of an HP42s, which I had bought cheaply at an auction. While it was opened I took out the pcb to take some pictures of the Saturn processor.

While the chip itself is a sheer beauty, its presentation on the pcb in the HP42s is particularly stunning. Unfortunately its best side is the one between the pcb and the keyboard. What a phantastic mod that would be when it could be watched from outside through an acrylic bottom cover.

I put some hi-res pics behind a Dropbox-Link if anyone is interested.

(I am not a skilled photographer!)

[Image: cq8RbyT.jpg]
Skilled enough... these photos are excellent, catching light in different ways! Smile

Thanks for sharing them here.
It's a beauty, indeed!

But I prefer the 48s Saturn, it also features the tiny legs and exposed core, but between the LCD control chips.

And the Saturn itself is mounted right behind the LCD, just as the brain behind the eyes. Smile

Fantastic shots!

These may be come my new Windows desktops. Smile
Thank you, friends.
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