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Full Version: [split] Help with update
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Regards. Maybe someone could help me, I installed the new firmware of hp 2.1.14425 of my calculator but I had a problem a week with the calculator, it turned off and did not want to start I could not start it either by using the combination C, F, O + on or the Reset function until you remove the battery. In addition to that error, I observed a very frequent and noticeable flickering during the use of CAS, so perhaps they could recommend an earlier version of the more stable firmware, please.
Hi, what version of HP PRIME do you have: G1 or G2? If you have the HP PRIME G2, why don't you try to update the firmware with version 2.1.14433 (2020 01 21)?

See: https://www.hpcalc.org/details/7783
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