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Full Version: Use a 41C Printer and insert into HP-97 ??
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I pulled both a HP-97 and a 41C printer carriage and they appear to be potentially compatible. Can you swap them and connect the ribbon cable (and 4 wire connectors) into the HP-97 calculator?
I really do not want to try this on someone else's HP-97.
Actually there are 6 wires from the HP-97 printer, two appear to be a carriage return sensor, that are not on the 41C printer assembly.
Many thanks,
Mark Hoskins
The frame of the 82143A or 82162a print unit and the feed rolls can be used in a 97 but pretty much everything else is different. To get the frame to fit in a 97 there is a piece sticking out one side of the frame that needs to be removed. You also need to transfer over the shaft the 97 idler gear turns on, even thought the 82143A and 82162A use a belt to turn the leadscrew, the hole for the idler was in the frames I used. They came in handy for a 97 that the clips for the tear bar where broken on.

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