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Full Version: (SR-56) Tiger Trouble!
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An excerpt from Tiger Trouble! TI programmable-calculator safari, Kilobaud the small computer magazine, Issue #15, March 1978, pages 106-109

" Tiger Trouble reverses the traditional game roles, in which the player normally hunts or tracks an elusive prey, through the combined use of random number generation and conditional transfer functions … The basic operating rule of the game is that the tiger stalks the player … It appears simple, but the odds (and the program) are with the tiger, and it is difficult to win … Good luck and safe journey! "

Includes, descriptions, flowchart, map, instructions & program listing.

Wow, I've been looking for this game for years (not continuously, but still). Except I played it on my HP-25C, so I wonder if there was another article or if I just translated the code. In any case, I definitely remember that map.

Thanks for posting this!

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