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Full Version: _Newbee in DM42
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Hello folks,

I'm new in programming the HP42S (which I have not), but I have the DM42. It is a cool gadget (for me).

I learned RPN programming with the Hp 15c 35 years ago. So I my first project with DM42 was the pic below (I developed the wheel a second time, because I saw that pic for a graphic package and I wanted to program the pic on my DM42 by myself).

What I learned doing this:

- How the Bresenham algorithm works.
- That labels und register named by numbers aren't real locals (they only not shown in the menues).
- PIXEL hates all numbers after the decimal point (if they not all are zeros)
- how subtil the mangement of matrix elements is, if you want to store or recall them. Especially if you use them in a program.

and so on...[attachment=8587]
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