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Full Version: Issue with CAS solve command?
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Hi, I am able to repeat this issue on the Virtual Prime Emulator and the physical calculator, both that are update to the latest revision in firmware.

In CAS mode entering:
'(10+k)^.5=11/2 * 2^.5'

Then going to solve under the CAS menu and selecting the expression so that the line output looks like this:
solve('(10+k)^.5=11/2 * 2^.5',k)

The calculator and emulator reboots. I am able to repeat this.

If i do not include the quotes, then I am able to get the correct answer. I do not have k stored as a variable. I typically leave all my expression and equations in quotes out of habit, in case i did create a variable in a previous session.

Anyone have this problem or possible can see what i am doing wrong?

Any additional steps or anything? I am unable to see this one.

Here is a small video of me typing it in, sorry for the shaky camera...


This is the virtual emulator crashing, same equation


Hmm, I see the videos (many thanks, you can delete them if you need the space or whatever as I have local copies) but following the exact steps I am unable to see it. It will be put on the list to investigate however. Thanks.
There are two bugs here: the first one happens when you copy/paste, the EQW translates ^.5 to sqrt(), which makes the equation an exact equation. Then because of the quotes, sqrt() is not evaled to pow(,1/2) and not recognized as a fractional powers by the exact solver, and that raises at some point an assertion failure -> crash. I've fixed the exact solver not to crash, but it will return an empty list for the exact equation if quotes are present, because the CAS expects sqrt to be evaled to pow(,1/2). A workaround is either to remove quotes or enter an approx number elsewhere in your equation, for example for 10. or 5.5, so that the EQW does not convert your equation to something exact.
Thank you, placing a 10. instead of 10 in my equation prevents the crashes on both the emulator and the prime.
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