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Full Version: [split] PSEINT - Was Time for a new Public Beta
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(06-20-2020 01:11 AM)compsystems Wrote: [ -> ]If the hp-prime source code editor may have some features of PSEINT, everyone would be motivated to continue using HP-Prime
It is not just PSeInt, it is from most IDEs, but certainly that is an academic platform, HP PPL also has a very notorious academic approach to start programming, but it is strange that even with that first step they have not taken so far with an academic tool.
HP take that!, on your face, I've been toxic lately Big Grin
There is a platform that is a pseudocode interpreter, with more than 20.000 downloads per week, widely used by high school teachers, and even used in the first semester of Spanish-speaking universities.

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I am using PSEINT, a pseudo-code interpreter to get students started on computational algorithmic logic, other teachers start their cources professional IDEs and languages like C++, JAVA, although lately most want of teach and learn PYTHON.

After using PSEINT, I use the HP-PRIME platform. What the students don't like is the simplicity of the code editor that comes in the connection software.
If the hp-prime source code editor were to copy some features of PSEINT, everyone would be motivated to continue using HP-Prime

[Image: unicode-demo1.gif]

Hay una plataforma que es un intérprete de pseudocódigo, con más de 20 mil descargas por semana, ampliamente utilizada por profesores de secundaria, e incluso la usan en el primer semestre de la universidades de habla hispana

Estoy usando PSEINT, un intérprete de pseudocódigo para que los estudiantes se inicien en lógica algorítmica computacional, otros docentes inician sus cursos con IDEs profesionales y lenguajes como C++ o Java, aunque últimamente la mayoría quiere enseñar y aprender PYTHON.

Yo después de usar PSEINT utilizo la plataforma HP-PRIME, lo que no les gusta a los estudiantes es lo simple del editor del código que viene con en el software de conexión.
Si el editor de código fuente de la hp-prime copiara algunas características de PSEINT, todos estarían motivados a seguir usando la HP-Prime

[Image: annotations_new2.png]
Note: PSEINT was split here because it is OT to the original thread topic about a new public beta. Please don't post it back in that thread again. ty
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