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Full Version: trouble flashing WP34s
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I have assembled my WP34s calculator using Harald's USB circuit board but ran into some problems. Perhaps someone can help. After connecting the assembled calculator with my pc and installing the driver, the device manager sees the USB/COM port fine. However, trying to flash it with MySamBa as per instruction in the WP34S manual, the port does not show up in MySamBa. It does show up if I use the "WP34sFlash.exe" tool, but flashing with it fails with a "Cannot connect to WP34s" error.
I don't know about the flash tool, I have never used it. But mySamba should work. What is the port number? I seem to remember it has trouble with high port numbers.
We exchanged some PMs and problem is solved AFAIK now.

There are 2 topics maybe of common interest.

1. You have to start Samba with administrator rights when running Windows 10. Was not necessary with Windows 7. What is annoying: When you forget it, you do not get any hint, it simply does not work.

2. You have to reset calculator one time after flashing WP34S firmware, either by reset hole below HP-20/HP-30 battery compartment or by removing all power sources (USB/batteries) and reconnect at least one.
I too have had intermittent issues with flashing the WP34S.

Of course I have carefully followed the directions, including RESET and ON after flashing.

I'm starting to suspect that perhaps the ON/CE key on some of these is somewhat intermittent so that the calc is not in the correct state for flashing.

BTW, is 3.3/3844 the latest?

Thank you,
Thanks Bob!

(06-20-2020 02:59 AM)rprosperi Wrote: [ -> ]I think 3.3/3910 is the latest

So, this is getting real old.

I've already flashed over 7 machines plain machines with no issues.

Now, today, using the wp34s flash tool (as administrator) carefully following the directions, I am now trying to reflash my (precious) full IR/XTAL machine up to 3913.

And here we are --- the recurring 'cannot connect'.

I've even moved to a different PC with the same results.

Will keep struggling, but I hope that this machine is not bricked.

Are you using the MySamBa app? If so what does the dialog say, exactly?

From my notes,

Error, could not connect to calculator means an inability for the PC to connect to the communications port. That has to be fixed before anything else will work.
Error, Unable to connect means there is no response from the calculator. It might be powered down, or some other condition is preventing MySamBa from receiving expected replies.
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