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Full Version: treebrowserbuilder does not work after update to 3.33
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I purchased Andreas Moller's software for 50g in 2012. Treebrowser builder worked as expected.

I updated to version 3.33 of treebrowserbuilder and it freezes if you try to build an equation tree, or if you "on" out of the program.

Anyone have any solutions?
Andreas Moller, maybe?
(06-13-2020 04:27 PM)Massimo Gnerucci Wrote: [ -> ]Andreas Moller, maybe?

Yes, maybe. I have noticed that he visits this site. That is why I posted here.
Have you tried to contact him via eMail?
I think to recall he has kinda Software49g-something eMail address.
As reported on his site (http://www.software49g.gmxhome.de) the e-mail address is: Software49G@gmx.de
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