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Full Version: HP-Calculators: In Search of Alt. Colours
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in the phantastic "A Guide to HP Handheld Calculators and Computers"
alternate colour schemes for the case are mentioned:
e.g. pink HP10s & mid-blue HP50g that were for sale in Spanish speaking countries.

One Voyager (12c ?) is known to have an inofficial mid-blue case variant.

Did earlier models (48, 41, Pioneer, Spice, Woodstock) enjoy alternate colour schemes, too ?
If so, where could I find information/pictures of these ?

Or are these colour variants a fairly new phenomenon ?
[I would guess, that nowadays, if the "sibling" to the HP Calculator (e.g. C*s*o fx-85MS et al.)
exists in different colours already, it would be easier to adopt this for the derived product as well ...]

Cheerio !
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