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Full Version: HP-48SX ON Key
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The ON key in my HP-48SX stopped working. I cannot turn the calculator on.

I understand this is an age-related problem.

Is this a way to repair this? Does repair involve opening the calculator?

Thanks in advance.

If pushing gently under the display causes the "on" button to work it is probably the foam strip under the ribbon connector. From what I have read a common issue for many models. If you are lucky you can just use the "pressure method" to turn it off/on (until it stops all together).

A friend had this issue with his 48s and while daunting it can be done. IIRC there are a few people who can repair it here if it is the foam strip.

There are a bunch of threads here on it too - taking it apart and reassembly. The 48g is the same procedure so check those threads too.

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