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Full Version: Retro Review: Radio Shack EC-4024
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Model: EC-4024
Company: Radio Shack
Equivalent of: Casio fx-50F
Type: Scientific
Years: approximately 1987 - 1995
Display: 10 digits
Batteries: Solar
Logic: Algebraic (AOS)

Registers: 7
Constants: 9
Pre-Programmed Formulas: 23
Programming Steps: 29 between 2 slots

[Image: Full%2BShot%2BEC4024.jpg]


The keyboard is very clean and organized. Despite the lack of steps, the EC-4024 is a great calculator and programmable scientific calculators that run on solar power are far and few between. I was lucky to find the EC-4024 because usually fx-10F, fx-50F, and EC-4024 are either not available or command a medium to high price.

For the full review and a download link to the manual please click here: http://edspi31415.blogspot.com/2020/06/r...-4024.html
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