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Full Version: (41C) Column Fixity
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An extract from Determination of Column Fixity at Column Bases, D.D. Canon Jr. (U of KY), AISC, AUG 1984 (68 pgs)

"     Based on the assumptions made … recommendations were made … practical application … Examples … are given in Appendix D. A program for the Hewlett-Packard HP-41 calculator (appendix B) and approximate flexibility charts are presented as design aids for utilizing the proposed method.
     This method provides a rational approach for estimating the column base stiffness for a specific base detail. Research is needed , however, to verify the validity of this method. The engineer should recognize that the calculated base stiffness using this method is accurate to only three significant digits at best because of the assumptions and approximations made. If used intelligently the method presented will be of significant practical value to the practicing engineer. "

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