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Full Version: HP 82211B Eq Card Manual Update
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The "HP Solve Equation Library Application Card" Version B (HP 82211B) was shipped with the same manual as the Version A card (HP 82211A), plus a multi-language addendum called "Manual Update" (HP Part Number 82211-90028). It describes the new features of the Rev B card, including the Tetris game and the little-known use of User Flag 63 with the Multiple-Equation Solver.

Unable to find that addendum in PDF form among my collected goodies, I scanned it for the "HP Calculator Fan Club" Facebook group, and herewith offer it to y'all too. Unfortunately my copy contains many stains from flooding damage. If a cleaner scan exists, please advise. If not, please feel free to add this scan to any collection you may have.

Thanks Joe.

I have a number of equation cards for the HP48SX so had a look at my manuals to see if I had a better copy to scan. Unfortunately all my manuals are the A version & lacking the addenda you refer to.


Thanks Joe. I cleaned up your scan to remove the water damage and put it online here:


I also made a very high quality scan of the full 82211A manual here (thanks to Bob Prosperi for lending me his manual to scan!):

Joe, Eric - Thank You very much for those two documents!

I have been playing TETRIS for the last 30 minutes, long time ago I last did that Smile
Thank you, I will add it to my HP48 cards collection
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