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Full Version: EXIT program from MENU softkey?
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Is there a way to EXIT a program from the softmenu? The EXIT key works but I would like to have a key in the MENU via softkey to exit the program. I have searched the Examples and Techniques manual and haven't found anything that indicates I can do this.

I thought there may be a way to Simulate a key push of the EXIT button, but I can't get that working.

I am working from a DM42 if that makes a difference.
If you want to stop a running program with a menu key, the answer is no.
If you want to EXIT the program when it is waiting for you to push a menu key, yes: have the key perform EXITALL and RTN.
EXITALL unfortunately is only found in the FCN menu; I keep it permanently assigned to one of the CST menu keys
Cheers, Werner
Thanks Werner. That is a good idea. I just moved GTO and EXITALL to my Custom menu. Any other's you may believe worthwhile to consider?
Why did you put GTO there? it's shift-XEQ.
(05-29-2020 08:53 PM)Werner Wrote: [ -> ]Why did you put GTO there? it's shift-XEQ.

Because I’m still not use to the layout and looked over it. Thanks. Removed.
Other ‘candidates’ for the CST menu:

I always add %CH
(05-30-2020 06:07 AM)pinkman Wrote: [ -> ]I always add %CH

Thank you Pinkman. You are Werner sped up my adoption of the 42 platform.
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