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Full Version: Battery issue in DM1xCC, downgrade firmware
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According to https://www.swissmicros.com/voyager/firm...istory.txt, "V30 firmware was removed after confirmation of excessive consumption in OFF mode, Everybody should revert to V29 firmware."

I just did but that was not easy, it took me several times before the update tool recognised the device and flashed it. I used a mini-USB cable I had lying around from an old phone, are the SwissMicros calculators so sensitive to which calbe you use? They sell a shielded one, would that matter much?
You do need to use a known good cable. This time I used on from an old external hard drive. I have several DM-xx models, large and small. One or two took a little fiddling, the others worked with no issues.
I did have to make sure the COM port chosen was correct. This time it was COM5.
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