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Full Version: (HP-67) Tic-Tac-Toe {game}
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An extract from Tic-Tac-Toe, Electronics Today incorporating (Canada), May 1978, pgs. 56-62

"THIS PROGRAM designed to operate on an HP-67, plays TICTAC-TOE against the user. Unlike similar programs which have appeared before, including one in HP's "Game Pac", no restrictions are placed upon the user: he may start the game in any one of the nine squares, or he may let the Calculator play first.
  The program is even more enjoyable due to the fact that it CAN be beaten, although it plays a very good game. The only "catch" is that the Calculator "thinks" for about 35 seconds before replying to a move (except the first move)."

Back in the day I wrote a TTT player for the Casio FX-602P. It used an alpha-beta search with pruning and display the board on the screen. Fun times.

I might still have the listing somewhere. Sadly, I threw out my library for the HP 34C after my calculator broke.

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