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Full Version: HP71b, time and af with adjust in one step
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Sorry, I am a really beginner. .. But I hang....

I want to "setime" and calculate a new "af" in one step.

On page 95 (HP 71 Owner's Manual October 83) I find the description for "adjust" with an example. Main sentence: To perform all three operations at once, you execute the following. "adjust.....".

following this discription no "exact" to calculate new af is needed. I think this is wrong. Are you with me?
The example is for crossing a time zone, not correcting the adjustment factor.
The example to correct time because of time zone changing AND calculating a new af in one step by adjust.
So, if there is no time zone change adjust should work to adjust time and af in one step, I thought.
Dave, thanks a lot. I was confused , because after executing adjust af has not changed. af has changed after executing adjust followed by exact.

(I have had executed setime and exact some month ago)
Text from manual
And I didn't read the whole example. The example describes only what ADJUST does and the use of EXACT is discussed in the paragraph before the example. So you are correct in that EXACT should follow the example use of ADJUST.

For a thorough description of EXACT, ADJUST, and AF see the Reference Manual.

Hi Dave,

thanks a lot for your patience with me and your help.

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