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Full Version: ASN assignement - Rollback
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Good morning everyone, hope you passed a nice Easter and that you and your loved ones are doing great !!! I had a nice easter, thank you :-)

I made a mistake.

I'm refreshing my memory on the 41C and assigned the SCI notation key to the number 2 key.

When in 'User' mode if I press the number 2 I get 'SCI _' and the system awaits the number of digits for the SCI representation. This is not what I wanted.

Is there a way to reassign the number 2 to the key so that in 'User' mode it behaves correctly or I need to trigger a MEMORY LOST ?
Thank you
You can remove a key assignment from a key by assigning nothing to that key.
In your case, the keystrokes would be Shift ASN ALPHA ALPHA 2
Thomas good afternoon, thank you very much for this hint.
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