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Full Version: (41CV) FPAS E-2A⁄B⁄C
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An extract from HP-41CV FLIGHT PERFORMANCE ADVISORY SYSTEM (FPAS) FOR THE E-2C, E-2B, AND C-2A AIRCRAFT, LCDR D. R. FERRELL (USN), Naval Post-Graduate School, NPS67-82-003, JUN 1982, 147 pgs.

This report describes follow-on work performed under the auspices of AE 4900, Directed Studies in Aeronautical Engineering at the Naval Post-graduate School …
… NADC desired to obtain the input of several fleet experienced aviators in order to design program code for the HP-41CV handheld, programmable calculator that would benefit pilots by providing them with fuel efficiency parameters in flight …"

FULLY documented!

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