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Full Version: Adam Savage "Calculator" build
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Adam Savage (from the US TV series "Mythbusters") recently posted a video of building a non-working replica of a Sanyo 802D calculator main printed circuit board from a kit.

That circuit board is highly prized by replica movie prop builders since it was used to make a coveted "belt gizmo" for the original "Ghostbusters" uniforms. Consequently the original calculators are now hard-to-find and extremely expensive (check your junk boxes!).

The video is pretty long, but at 0:06:23 you can see the amazing reproduction of the original circuit board. If you skip ahead to about 1:31:15 you can see how they cleverly simulate the presumably unobtainable stagger-lead/"QIP" packaged IC's.

(Adam's been posting these long build videos weekly, while the shutdown is going on. He's like a tech version of Bob Ross, very peaceful to have on.)

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