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Full Version: Matrices in Home View
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Page 467 of the User Guide: Entering matrices directly (shift-5):

I can enter vectors, but I am not able to enter m x n matrices. The command line does not respond to the down arrow to create additional rows.

This behavior limits shift-5 to vectors only. Both the emulator and the device seem to respond this way.

Try keying Shift-5 twice. Keying Shift-5 the second time will make the vector a matrix.

Pressing Shift-5 Once: Vector editing mode
Pressing Shift-5 Twice: Matrix editing mode
Subsequent pressing of Shift-5: toggle between vector and matrix

Hope this helps.
Yes, indeed a second shift-5 does the job! This may be new behavior, a down arrow entry used to move to additional rows, if I remember correctly. Thanks for that.

The vector/matrix input did change. Before, a single line, single bracket item showed 2 rows with the +- symbols at each place. However, this made it extreemly difficult to see whether something was a vector or a matrix at a glance. There are two ways to make a vector into a matrix - either press the [ ] again (you can toggle back and forth between them) or else position the cursor on the +- at the end and press the + key.
I noticed these changes. A small change that is a great improvement.
Much better than the old way!
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