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Full Version: Maintenance Release V41 R9D
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My goal adding Virtual HP-IL to V41 was accomplished with release R9B in summer last year. But no program is bug free, so a new maintenance release is available.

The new version R9D is available on Warrens V41 product page or on my site.

RELEASE 9D (03/24/2020)
- Removed disconnect and restart of the Virtual HP-IL server at User Code loading
- Fixed incomplete hardware register reset at File/New, File/Open and File/Recent File selection
- Fixed HP-IL coldstart and a HP-IL endless loop with no loop devices
- Changed Shifted Alpha Keys dialog to nonmodal
- Some minor improvements

RELEASE 9C (08/06/2019)
- Fixed startup on PC without prior session information
Many thanks Christoph!
You are the man Christoph!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Thanks for the update Christoph. Something fun to do, to distract us from lock-down fever...
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