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Full Version: Did the new firmware break the solver?
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...or did I?

Caveat: when I did the update the first time it froze, bricked my Prime and played hell with my computer. Reset, reboot, retry, and everything seemed to go ok. Well, except that I lost all of my variables. The equations were still in the solver, but hidden behind "Error: Syntax Error". I refreshed the variables by jumping to Num and entering some value in each block. The system asked to re-create each variable. That unhid the equations.

Now I can only forward solve an equation in the solver. Example:
If I go to Num and enter values for rho and VF, then select WF, the solve screenkey works as usual. However if I set WF and try to solve for VF, nothing. It doesn't blink or even give an error.

The behavior is the same in the emu and the hardware. Did I press the buttons wrong?

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