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Full Version: Casio fx-9750gii/fx-9860gii/fx-CG 50: Function Memory
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This blog entry covers all the series:
* Casio fx-7400gii (I don't believe earlier versions of the 7400 have this)
* Casio fx-9750g, fx-9750gii
* Casio fx-9860g, fx-9860gii, fx-9860 Slim
* Casio Prizm fx-CG10/20
* Casio fx-CG 50

Screenshots are from the fx-CG 50.

Note: Casio calculators with math print (9860, CG 10, CG 20, CG 50), the menu FMEM/FUNCMEM will only appear when the calculator is set to Line Mode. In any case, the commands will be always available throughout the Catalog and in Program editing mode.

Menu names: FMEM or FUNCMEM


The calculator has 20 slots for function memory. They can be for any variable, any amount of variables.
And you can store little programs also, like this x^x=10^100 fixpoint iteration solver:

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