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Full Version: DM15L Problem
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Hello all - I have a DM15L that suddenly stopped being able to go into RAD mode. Everything else seems to work. I have performed a reset as well as other key resets. When I do a power reset, I get PR ERROR. Any ideas?
"PR ERROR" is normal and it happens whenever the memory is cleared.

Run a keyboard test to ensure that all the keys are functioning correctly.

Optionally, update the firmware for your model. We're up to V30 on that series of calculators.
Another thought... perhaps it's the annunciator that isn't working. Set RAD mode and try some trig functions on multiples of PI; maybe it is in RAD mode, but it isn't showing so?
Does GRAD appear if you set that mode? That uses the same annunciator area, with the G prepended.

Does the SCI function work, on the same key?
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