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Full Version: Error passing parameters
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Hi all,
Hereby I want to report an oddity with passing on parameters. View the following program main: EXPORT TEST(a,b,c). This will not cause an error if you press "Cntrl.". View this head now:EXPORT TEST(size,row,col). This does result in an error message. Is this normal behavior for the HP Prime? And what can you do about this, if that is already possible? I look forward to an answer from one of you. Sincerely, Karel.
You can't use variable names that are command names, or otherwise reserved by the system. Pretty sure that's the issue here. "row" and "col" are CAS commands, "SIZE" is a Home command, can't recall if "size" would be allowed or not.

size is a buid in function and is therefore not allowed...
remember that most UPPERCASE functions inherited from older calcualtors are now working both in upercase and lowercase (and mixed case as a mater of fact).

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