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Full Version: (TI-55-II) Pharmacokinetic simulations
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An excerpt from Pharmacokinetic simulations with handheld programmable calculators, Division of Clinical Pharmacokinetics, College of Pharmacy, University of Florida, pgs. 12-13, JAN 1985

"We have recently taken an interest in teaching principles of simulation exploiting the small, programmable calculators commonly possessed by our students. The calculators concerned are typified by the TI-55-II (Texas Instruments) … as these usually have … user accessible memories, and … programming step capability … Our interest is in learning through simulation, and we present here details of a group of programs which provide serial solutions to some representative equations. It is our intention that these programs should be used as models by other investigators interested in analogous problems.
  The first program (Table I) simulates one compartment kinetics … The program gives a series of solutions of the equation for one-hour time intervals.
  Three other programs are presented … The one compartment growth and decay program … The protein binding program … The i.v. infusion simulation program …

  The reader is invited to study these programs with a view to enhancing his or her own ability"

And you thought RPN code was hard to read. Smile

My college roommate had a TI-55-II. Worst keyboard ever.
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