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Full Version: SOL_BG and the New Update
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Since updating my firmware I can't run the SOL_BG program. I looked at it and still can't figure out why. Has anyone been able to make this excellent solitaire program run on the new version?

There are 4 changes required (at least, it runs and seems to work with my 30s of checking). With the source on your unit, open it and in the editor press CHECK and you'll be taken to the first one. There is an extra END that shouldn't be there, then CHECK again to see the sigmaLIST. The sigma character needs to be changed to the correct one (it can be found in the shift-9 pop up). There are 3 of those.

Once that is done, it works fine. If that seems like too much work, just drag and drop this zip file onto your calculator in the conn kit and it will send it.

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