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Full Version: Connectivity Kit offering unsolicited and unnecessary update
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There was a bug in the old version of Connectivity Kit which caused it to offer the user s/w & f/w updates even it they were up to date. Supposedly the bug was fixed in the latest version of the CK.

I updated to the new CK (2020 1 16), simulator (2020 1 16), and G2 f/w (2020 1 21) right after the final version of the f/w was released; probably on 01/22.

Since then, I noticed three times that the CK offered me an update (unsolicited).
The offered versions were identical with those I have presently installed.

Also, if I run Check for Updates from the menu, the same versions are offered for downloading. (Shouldn't I get the message that my s/w is up to date instead?)

Has anybody observed similar behavior? Does it mean that the 'unnecessary update' bug has not been fixed?

It happens to me all the time.
Same here.

This issue clearly hasn't been resolved!
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