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Full Version: Review: Calculated Industries Tradesman Calc
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* Units and unit conversions
* Right Triangle Calculations
* Ratio Calculations
* Trigonometry
* Geometry Calculations

Other mathematical functions: reciprocal, powers, roots, degrees/degrees-minutes-seconds, parenthesis

The calculator operates in one of two modes: Order and Chain

Order uses order of operations while chain completes calculations as keys are pressed (like a four-function calculator). Order of operations is the default setting.

Fraction settings allow you to set the largest denominator, up to 64.

The keyboard is a pleasure to use. Aside it being blue (blue is my favorite color), the keys have a pleasant touch and register perfectly. The display is clear with prompts. The Tradesman Calc comes with a hard case cover. On the back of the calculator, there is a slot for a battery and another for user guide.

Link: https://edspi31415.blogspot.com/2020/02/...esman.html
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