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Full Version: A single memory module for a usb cable / using in a 41CL
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I am currently soldering a usb cable to a single memory module for a colleague's 41CL. Can I leave the memory module as it is or do I have to cut conductor tracks?

Thanks for hints
The problem is solved. I just cut out the Memory :-(
I hope the HP gods may forgive me :-)
(01-23-2020 09:05 PM)Hans-Peter Wrote: [ -> ]I hope the HP gods may forgive me :-)

Don't worry, those gods are nowadays much lesser than they used to be ;=)

Can't speak on behalf of the gods but assuming you're building a USB power cable, you've taken the right decision. :-)

As long as you intend to use the cable for the 41CL only, you could probably have left the memory in place. The 41CL will not access the bus to read RAM as it has it all internally (as I understand it).
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