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Full Version: Huge Program Space on HP-12C Platinum
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Since the HP-12C included very big program space.

There must be a way to point to specific programs to use in
an easy to navigate ways rather than remembering the Line Number
for each of different programs.

The HP-11C or 15C got the labels A to E where user can put each
programs to destinated label and if user need more than 5 programs then
the [GSB] 1, 2, 3 etc is handy too.

For HP-12C Platinum I managed to put 10 program and use up
380 program steps. These programs can be call up by the program#
If user need to use program #4 simply press
[PRGM] 4 [R/S] display 4 and this program can be use repeatedly.

Here is the sample program.


The program routine to create labels: Example routine for Two Programs
001 1
002 -
003 X=0
004 GTO xxx // goto line# for Program #1
005 1
006 -
007 X=0
008 GTO xxx // goto line# for Program #2
009 GTO xxx // This canbe added later when need to add more programs by the last line of Program #2

Gamo 1/2020
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