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Full Version: Want to wipe out all your programs at once?
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While looking to see if there was a setting that needed changing in the CK for monospaced fonts, I right-clicked on the name of the calculator I had connected to the USB port on the PC. I noticed that in Preferences, the language was set to Deutsch (German) I changed it back to English and poof! All the programs were gone from my calculator. Luckily I have a backup. I loaded the backup, disconnected the calculator, checked the language and it's English. I reconnected the calculator, checked the preferences in the CK and it says Deutsch again. I tried a couple more times just to see if it was an anomaly but, no, it wasn't. I even tried doing a backup again while the calculator said it was using English. Restoring the backup made the CK show Deutsch and changing it to English wiped the programs from the calculator.
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