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Full Version: Vale Peter Hofmann
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Today I learnt of the passing of one of our HP calculator communities good guys, Peter Hofmann from Austria. Peter passed away on Saturday 11th January 2020, he was 75. Although Peter was not a big collector as such, he had a keen interest in HP calculators due to his background in electronics, and had been a member of this forum for years. He was one of the few people could diagnose problems with classic series electronics, and has helped me many times over many years working on various calculators for me.

A few years ago Peter lost everything he had due to his house being flooded, including his cherished HP65 he brought back to life, and all his electronic test equipment. He did manage to acquire some replacement test equipment, and I gave him a HP65 to replace his lost one. He was obviously so happy to receive the HP65 from me, but it's only a small pay back for the pleasure he has given me through his help over the years.

I received my last email from Peter just two days before his passing, and despite him being ill with prostate cancer, he was concerned how I was with the bushfire situation in Australia. I will miss his kindness and generosity, as I am sure anyone else who has crossed paths with Peter will do to.

Rest in Peace Peter.
Ave atque vale.
Calculate on Peter, now that you have access to ALL the toys!

And kudos to you Johnboy for sending Peter your 65 after he lost everything. Though a calculator was way down near the bottom of the list of things he needed under those circumstances, I have no doubt at all it was one of the things he appreciated the most, and brought him much joy. Truly a class move. Bravo!
I recently had some mail conversations with him regarding magnetic cards. He was a really nice person. Rest In Peace.
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