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Full Version: While my WP-34S is not ready...
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Well, I got a 20B and converted it to 34S, but the overlays are on the way and only in February I will have them.
Since my friends are visiting the US, I searched for another programmable calculator for faculty use, where graphical models are not allowed.
I love HP calculators, but HP, as I understand, has lost its way with scientific progammable calculators. The HP-35S is very poor in memory and variable resources, beyond the bugs...
So I put my eyes on Sharp and Casio and found the Casio FX-5800P as good choice. Sorry HP!
Could someone indicate a site in the US where I can buy one? Until yesterday (jan/13), Amazon was selling for $ 54, but now is for $ 68!

Best wishes from Brazil,
PS: I'm still working on my HP-67 and keyboard problems. Card reader is 99% !!!
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