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Full Version: Anyone else get Free42 2.5.14 for Android twice today?
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I got the new version of Free42 for Android version 2.5.14 soon after it was released in Google Play, then a couple of hours later the same version was downloaded again...It's size was slightly smaller and different...Curious as to why...never happened before.
After 2.5.14 got rejected because of the Designed for Families thing, I had to re-upload the apk with a new version code. Note that the version code is a number that uniquely identifies the version to Google; it is not the same as the user-visible version number, which was 2.5.14 for both uploads.

It sounds like both of those uploads ended up being deployed. That's surprising, but it should be harmless; the only difference between the two was the version code. No idea why the sizes would be different.
Thanks for the info...I got the 1st one just minutes after it showed in Google Play Store...
If Free42 is not family friendly, I do not know what is...That policy seems a bit strange to effect a calculator, oh well
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